Fleet Insurance

Vehicle fleet insurance

Fleet insurance starts when you have 2 or more vehicles. Fleet insurance can help you to cover all your company’s vehicles and drivers on a single policy. This is much easier and more convenient than arranging insurance on an individual basis and normally more cost-effective. ‘Any vehicle’ and ‘any driver’ options are the most common. This means you do not need to name drivers that take your vehicles, they only need your consent, however if they have 6 points or more you will normally need to add them as a named driver as the risk is greater to the insurer.

Other types of cover available

Fleet Gap Insurance

Fleet Gap Insurance

Fleet Breakdown

Legal Expenses

Examples of industries covered:


Heating and Plumbing



Business Advisors

Food Delivery

Builders / Builders Merchants

Estate Agents

This list is not extensive, almost any industry that has 2 or more vehicles can be covered by a fleet.

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Protecting against the cost of loss, damage, contract materials and more.

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Commercial & Property

We cover all property owners insurance from commercial to buy-to-let properties.


Protecting against the cost of loss, damage, contract materials and more.

Sole Traders

Protecting against the cost of loss, damage, contract materials and more.

Fleet Insurance

As a mutual organisation, our customers are our members.


As a mutual organisation, our m are our members.


As a mutual organisation, our customers are our members.



Prestige specialise in commercial insurance broking and only employ highly qualified broking staff. We work with several indusrties from Industrial, Commerical & Private Sectors. Contact us today to speak to a qualified broker.


Risk Management

Insurance is the financial backstop to several unavoidable and potentially costly insurable interruptions. Why not plan to avoid these risks completely or at least have a solution to deal with them when the worst happens.


Health and Safety

Keep your staff safe at work with detailed management systems and actionable risk assessments. Let our experts take the strain, book a free consulation today to make sure your business is legally compliant with UK legisltations.


Human Resources

Struggling to meet HR demands? We’re here to help. From confusing contracts and procedures to dealing with difficult employees, our highly qualified team will guide you through the entire employment process.


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